Learning Resources

Datto offers several types of learning resources for Autotask.

Videos and recorded webinars

In the Datto Training Resources area in the Kaseya Community, dozens of videos and recorded webinars are available to help you learn the features of Autotask. We are constantly adding new ones.

Show me how...

English-language versions of Autotask include interactive walk-throughs and user guidance for select features. Online help topics for these features contain a banner similar to the following example.

SHOW ME  Want to learn how to set up this feature? Log in to Autotask and begin the walk-through. (Feature access required)

To run the content, click begin the walk-through. You must be logged in to Autotask and you must have access to the feature being described in the article for the interactive help to launch successfully.

The Show me how icon

You can also launch all interactive help content to which you have access by clicking the Show me how... icon in the lower-left corner of every application page from within Autotask. Doing so will invoke the Show me how menu, from which you can search for interactive help topics or browse highlighted guides.

Admin search

If your user account includes Admin security permissions, you will also see the Admin Search magnifying glass icon on the title bar of Autotask's Admin page. Click the icon to access a special search engine that enables you to quickly and interactively find any administrator configuration option on any tab of the page to which you have access. If you don't have access to an option, Admin Search will explain where you'd normally find the feature, notify you of your missing access permissions, and provide a link to online help content that describes the security level you'll need.

Supported browsers

The interactive help content is supported on the latest releases of the following web browsers except where otherwise noted.

  • Mozilla Firefox versions 57 and above
  • Google Chrome versions 51 and above
  • Apple Safari versions 9 and above are supported for the following OS X releases: Mavericks 10.09, Yosemite 10.10, El Capitan 10.11
  • Apple Safari versions 10 and above are supported for the following OS X releases: Sierra 10.12, High Sierra 10.13, Mojave 10.14
  • Microsoft Edge (v40.15063 or newer, starting from Windows 10.1703)
  • Android Internet
  • Safari mobile
  • Chrome mobile

Browser configuration

  • Allow all pop-ups and all cookies on all Datto domains.
  • Make sure that "Do Not Track" requests are not being sent with your browsing traffic.
  • Confirm that cross-site tracking is not being prevented by your browser.
  • Verify that you are not accessing Autotask in any kind of anonymous mode such as Incognito, InPrivate, or similar. Doing so will cause undesirable application behavior and inconsistent performance.

Getting help with interactive help

If you have feedback about any of our interactive experiences or need help with any scenario not documented in this article, don't hesitate to contact your implementation manager or use the Kaseya Helpdesk for assistance.

When reaching out to our team about this content, please be sure to click the Contact Support section of the Show me how... menu and copy the information it provides into your ticket or message.


The Kaseya Community is also the place to register for live events.