Getting started

These topics will teach you how to perform basic tasks in Autotask.


Browser settings

Find out which browsers and browsers versions Autotask supports, and configure your browser to smoothly run Autotask.

Logging in

Learn how to log in and out of your Autotask instance, troubleshoot log in issues, and find out more about passwords.


Learn how to access all Autotask features available to you using the top navigation bar.

Managing your profile

Learn how the My Profile page lets you customize your Autotask experience, and how you appear to other Autotask users.


The Settings page lets you customize your user settings and display settings.


Learn how to track your time and manage your time off. If you are a supervisor, learn how to approve or reject timesheets and time off.


Keep track of your reimbursable organization expenses and submit expense reports. If you are a supervisor, learn how to approve expense reports.

Autotask for supervisors and managers

If you are a supervisor or manager, there is more to explore.