Autotask offers you several options to bill your customers!


Introduction to billing

An introduction to the billing process in Autotask.

ADMIN: Configuring billing settings

You have the option of invoicing your customers from Autotask , transferring invoices to QuickBooks, or exporting billing items to XML or CSV for import into a number of third-party accounting applications.

Approving and posting billing items

Learn how almost all billable transactions captured in Autotask must go through a financial approval process before they can be invoiced to a customer.


This topic explains invoicing, the second step in the Autotask billing process.

Calculating sales taxes

This topic gives an overview over the options you have for calculating sales tax.

Exporting billing data

This topic explains how to export your billing data to an external accounting system.

Fixing billing mistakes

This topic describes how to reverse the billing process when billing mistakes happen or when a customer disputes a billing item.


This feature is intended for customers who do business in countries that have a different currency than their own.

Contracts and billing reports

This is where you'll find the contracts and billing reports you need.

Introduction to billing

Learn how to use the QuickBooks Extension for Desktop to run your business in Autotask but do your financial accounting in QuickBooks.