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Introduction to the Autotask dashboard

Learn more about how to build and customize your dashboards.

Managing tab groups

Organize multiple tabs into different groupings.

Managing dashboard tabs

Find out how to manage up to 20 dashboard tabs per tab group, each containing from one to 20 widgets.

Managing dashboard widgets

When you want more or different information than your current dashboards can provide, learn how to edit widgets or add new ones.

Creating and managing organization dashboards

You can create up to five dashboard tabs that comprise an alternate view of the Organization page.

Client Portal dashboards

You can create dashboard tabs that are displayed to your clients in the Client Portal.

Configuring a dashboard user account

If you would like to display your dashboards like a slide show on your office TV or at a trade show, you can set up a special user account for this to keep your data secure and to not use up a full resource license.