Contracts are optional billing arrangements that provide flexibility in setting labor rates, billing methods, and managing prepayments for services.


Introduction to contracts

Learn about the types of Autotask contracts that are available.

ADMIN: Configuring contract features

Find out how to customize contract settings.

Searching and managing contracts

Search all contracts to manage your billing arrangements.

Creating a contract

Learn how to create new contracts using the Contract Wizard.

Using contracts to bill another organization

Autotask offers two different arrangements for you to bill an organization for work you do for another organization.

Billing by the contact or device

Many Autotask customers like the simplicity of billing their clients a monthly fixed amount per end-user (contact) or per device.

Contracts and billing reports

Beyond their impact on billing, contracts also play a role in reporting. You can generate reports at the Contract and Contract Category level that span multiple otherwise unrelated projects, tickets and even customers.