Adding services and service bundles

You can add additional service bundles or services to a recurring service contract, or remove service bundles and services, anytime throughout the duration of the contract.

NOTE  Best practice: When making changes to the service bundles and services included in a contract, set the Show Data for field (located above the Service Bundles and Services Grid), to the date that you will set as the effective date for your changes. In this way, the list will display information about all service bundles, services, and their units and prices that will be current on the effective date before you make your changes. The information displayed in the list will also appear in the Add or Adjust Service Bundles or Services page when you open it.

NOTE   This topic does not provide information for adding or removing units, or adjusting unit cost and extended costs. For information on these adjustments, refer to Adjusting units and price of a service.

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