Knowledge Base and Documentation

Create and manage your own internal knowledge base and document management system!


Introduction to Knowledge Base and Documentation Management

Articles and documents share many features and have a similar user interface, but they have very different use cases.

ADMIN: Activating and configuring Knowledge Base and Documentation

Learn how to activate and configure Knowledge Base and Documentation Management.

The Documentation Manager

Learn all about the Documentation Manager page, where you manage documents, devices, and expiration dates for warranties, domains, and SSL.

Searching and managing Knowledge Base articles

Locate any Knowledge Base article using basic and advanced searches.

Adding content to the Knowledge Base and the Documentation Manager

Find out about the various ways to create new, or link to existing, articles and documents.

Managing article and document versions

Learn how to view previous versions and how to roll back to a previous version.

Using your knowledge base

See how powerful an integrated knowledge base can be.

About global knowledge base articles

Learn how to access shared articles about common problems encountered by MSPs and solutions to try.