Service Desk: Ticketing

Find out how to work with Autotask tickets!


Introduction to tickets

Tickets are used to track support issues, service requests, incidents, and problems for internal and external customers.

ADMIN: Configuring ticket settings

If you're an Autotask Administrator, find out how you can configure ticket settings to conform to your business workflow.

Common ticket workflows

An overview of common ticket workflows with links to more details you can explore.

Adding, copying, and editing tickets

Find out how to add and edit tickets in Autotask.

The Ticket page

Find out how to view or open links to ticket-related data and how to add time, notes, and other items that are tracked with tickets.

Searching and managing tickets

Ticket lists appear on various pages throughout Autotask. Your security level will determine access to each page, but they're all managed the same way. This topic tells you how.

Recurring tickets

If you perform the same service for a customer on a regularly recurring schedule, you have the option of creating a series of tickets for that work. This topic covers how to use the recurring ticket feature in Autotask.