Service Desk: Automation and Enhancement

Autotask offers tools that can automate many manual processes that are part of your ticketing workflow.


Form templates

Use form templates and speed codes to automatically populate fields on tickets and other forms in Autotask.

Notification templates

Use notification templates to standardize and automate email communications with your customers.

Incoming email processing

Automatically convert emails arriving in your support email box into tickets (and other entities) in Autotask.

Autotask workflow rules

Workflow rules automatically perform certain actions when specific events happen and conditions are met, including creating tickets. Learn about this powerful tool.

You can add the following optional features to Autotask to enhance your Service Desk toolkit:



Tickets and tasks can be added to service calls to set aside a specific span of time to work on them at your customer's site. Learn how to find and manage service calls.

Service Level Agreements

Use service level agreements (SLAs) to define your company's standards for service delivery and then automatically monitor your success in meeting those standards.


Learn how to use tags, a powerful method for finding tickets that are similar and knowledge base articles and documents that might contain a solution.

ITIL processes

Autotask supports the following ITIL processes:

Change management

Working with problem and incident tickets

The Co-managed Help Desk

Co-managed IT services are a business model where a service provider (MSP) works in a long-term partnership with the in-house IT staff of a customer, or with other external resources. You can use Autotask to set up co-managed IT.

Client Portal and Taskfire

Allow your customers to create tickets in your Autotask instance.