Extensions & Integrations

Datto and many Datto vendors and partners have created applications that integrate with Autotask.


Complete list of extensions and partner integrations

See all the extensions and integrations we have to offer, all in one place.

Client Portal and Taskfire

The Client Portal is a secure web portal through which you and your customers can collaborate on tickets and projects, service desk operation, and even portal administration tasks. Taskfire is an extension to the Client Portal. It provides a secure, private, interactive service desk for your clients’ internal IT staff that is integrated with your own Autotask instance.


Autotask LiveMobile, which supports the entire ticket-to-time entry workflow and provides access to organizations, contacts, calendar, queues, tickets, tasks, service calls, to-dos, and timesheets.

Datto BCDR

The integration between Datto and Autotask has been taken to the next level to make it easy to manage and monitor all aspects of your Datto BCDR solution right from Autotask.

Datto Network Manager

The integration between Datto Network Manager and Autotask allows you to manage select alerts and devices from Datto Networking right in your Autotask instance.

Datto RMM

Datto RMM is Datto's own Remote Monitoring and Management solution. Find out more about the integration and how to configure it in Autotask and Datto RMM.

Datto SaaS Protection

The Billing Integration for Autotask lets you automatically generate client billing items in Autotask for Datto SaaS Protection every month, reducing the amount of manual labor and time spent on client billing.

Microsoft Extensions

The Autotask MS Outlook Extension and the Autotask MS Exchange Extension perform many of the same functions, but there are differences in the way Autotask synchronizes between these extensions. This topic will help you decide which is the right fit for you.

Also in this area is the page where you configure Active Directory Sync.

Kaseya Integrations

This section contains the links to the pages where you can configure the integrations between Autotask and other Kaseya applications, such as KaseyaOne and IT Glue.

QuickBooks Extension (New)

The new QuickBooks desktop integration uses web connectors to communicate between QuickBooks and Autotask. This extension is for customers who run their business in Autotask, but do their financial accounting in QuickBooks.

Remote monitoring and management extensions

Autotask integrations with Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) applications fall into two groups: Remote Monitoring Extensions that were developed by Autotask using a vendor's API, and integrations developed by a vendor using a variety of Autotask Developer Tools. Learn more about both in this topic.

Other extensions

In this section, you will find the configuration pages for the extensions with Salesforce, Xerox PagePack, Extension Callouts, the Integration Center, and the API Activity by Hour report.