Designing invoice templates

Do you need custom invoice templates?

All Autotask PSA customers who generate invoices out of Autotask PSA, export them to XML or transfer them to QuickBooks need an invoice template. In many cases, our standard invoice template will suffice.

Customers who export their billing transactions to .csv format are not required to complete the billing process and generate invoices, but we recommend that you do so anyway. In this case, the standard invoice template is all you require.

You can use invoice templates to customize what information will be included on the invoices you send to your customers. Use the Invoice Designer to configure invoice templates that will store the layout of the invoice, the fields and columns that will appear on it, the grouping and sorting of invoice items, and the payment terms.

You can:

  • Set up additional custom invoice fields to be included as variables anywhere on your invoice templates. Refer to Additional invoice fields.
  • Create any number of Invoice Templates and associate them with customers for which the default template is not a good fit. Refer to Designing an invoice template.
  • Copy, delete, assign a default, and manage the 'active' status of invoice templates. Refer to Managing invoice templates.
  • Associate a non-default invoice template with a company, country, individual invoice or batch of invoices. Refer to Applying an alternate template.