Autotask API zones and WSDL versions

Autotask has multiple zones. While their allocation is normally geographic, exceptions are possible. The zone number appears in your Autotask URL.

EXAMPLE is the URL for the America East zone.


Autotask product releases do not go out to all zones at the same time, so some zones will have a newer version of the application and the API, since the API is always current for the Autotask version in that zone. As a result, there will be some unavoidable differences between versions. This difference is most noticeable between the localized and English versions.

NOTE  Currently, you can anticipate a lead time of four to eight weeks after a major English release before the new features and other changes become available in the German and Spanish language zones. For maintenance releases, anticipate a lead time of one to two weeks. If you bind your code to a pre-release API for development and testing, anticipate the release lead time before you make updated code available to users in any localized zone. You can then detect and correct for any differences.

IMPORTANT  We strongly suggest that you update your application with each Web Service API release or monitor the impact that changes might have on your application and plan accordingly, especially if Autotask plans to remove support for the API version that you are using.

Anticipate regular updates and the release of new versions of the Web Services API. New versions will, for the most part, support backward compatibility through multiple releases, but there may be changes to functionality that have an impact on your application. Please check Autotask release notes and any additional notifications that provide information on Web Services changes and updates.