Introduction to the Autotask REST API

This article provides use cases and learning resources related to the Autotask REST API.


Autotask provides a REST Application Programming Interface (API) to enable programmatic access to information and operations available within the Autotask Web Portal.

The API uses JSON for data interchange. Its RESTful architecture is flexible, widely supported, and lightweight. Since it is easy to learn, integrating it into an environment is simple.

Via the API, you can extend your existing web-based applications to allow users to access Autotask and perform a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Creating tickets, companies, and other entities.
  • Retrieving and updating selected Autotask data.
  • Performing specific operations, such as managing alerts.

The REST API is ideally suited for simple and complex integrations. We recommend building new integrations with REST and, when possible, converting existing integrations from SOAP to REST.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN  The API is only available in English. Datto reserves the right to make changes to the API or suspend access to it in the event of significant server load. The API should not be used by users who lack software development experience unless they are interfacing with a preexisting third-party integration. For more information, refer to our Datto API license and terms of use.

IMPORTANT  Support for the API does not cover inquiries related to code development or implementation. For more information, review our REST API supportability and query thresholds article.