Manage your sales process from prospect to customer and all the steps in between!


Overview of sales

Learn more about opportunities in Autotask, which are potential sales.

ADMIN: Configuring your sales process

Learn how to set up the products you are selling, the information you track with a sale, your sales process: all these and more!

Quote to billing workflow overview

Follow this workflow from quote through delivery all the way to billing.

Searching and managing opportunities

Learn how to search for and manage opportunities from several places within Autotask.

Adding and editing opportunities

Learn about the New Opportunity window, where you'll add and edit opportunities (forecasted business).

Closing opportunities you have won

Use the Won Opportunity Wizard to automatically complete tasks when you have closed a sale.

Searching and managing quotes

Find and manage your quotes in Autotask.

The Kaseya Quote Manager integration

Create and manage quotes in Kaseya Quote Manager (formerly Datto Commerce).

Introduction to sales orders

Learn all about sales orders, which allow you to track quoted products after the quote is accepted and the deal is closed.

Onboarding a new customer in Autotask

When you win a new customer, you'll transition the account from sales to service delivery. This topics shows you how.