Main features



The Autotask dashboard is an interface that summarizes and displays the information in your Autotask instance in a graphical format. Explore the possibilities!


Manage the relationship with customers, partners and vendors right in Autotask, fully integrated with other Datto products!


A device is a product (also known as a device, configuration item, etc.) from your product list that is associated with one of your customers. Manage them all right in Autotask!


Manage the sales right in Autotask, fully integrated with other Datto products!


Contracts are optional billing arrangements that provide flexibility in setting labor rates, billing methods, and managing prepayments for services.

Knowledge Base and Documentation

Create and manage your own internal knowledge base and document management system!

Service Desk: Ticketing

Find out how to work with Autotask tickets!

Service Desk: Automation and Enhancement

Autotask offers a series of tools that can automate many manual processes that are part of the ticketing workflow.


These topics will help you top get started with Project Management in Autotask.


Keep track of inventory, issue purchase orders and manage your procurement workflow.


Autotask offers you several options to bill your customers!


Datto has created a large number of reports for you, but you can also create your own custom reports.

Outsourcing tickets

If you are working with other service providers, our ticket outsourcing module helps you keep track of the work you have transferred to your partner organizations.

Using Autotask LiveMobile for iOS and Android

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) need flexibility to manage client demands and get work done while away from their desks. LiveMobile enables Autotask users to access their necessary work while on the go. It is available for iOS and Android users.

Extensions & Integrations

Datto and many of our vendors and partners have created applications that integrate with Autotask.